We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you as the syndicate of print and eletronic media journalist by the name of

In its past years history, the All improved standard and working conditions for journalists and greater Co-operation with its colleagues around the Dhaka or all over Bangladesh. BDJF-64 largest membership bases are generally concentrated in metropolitan city Dhaka,members are also organised in the other areas throughout the Dhaka or Bangladesh . BDJF-64 has also relied on leadership in the community and print and electronic media. The ALL JOURNALIST Forum BDJF-64 was founded and registered by Dhaka Govt. in 2020, by Alhaj Md Zakir Hossain (Journalist) with few PID media persons. and Editor ctnews7 Dhaka. The ALL JOURNALIST forum BDJF-64 is the Non-Profit Organisation that speaks for Journalists/media related persons around the Dhaka.BDJF-64 committed to Starting coaching to journalists who needs training to increase their proficiency in the Media industry,We will be Organizing seminars time to time to Raise the standards of journalists and Protects and improves the rights of journalists BDJF-64 serves humanity by encouraging young people to consider journalism as a career,developing managers in the media industry,and promoting fair and accurate news coverage.


  • BDJF-64 is the largest National Organization for all Journalists.
  • BDJF-64 is a registered national organization. Formally launched May 3rd, 2020.
  • BDJF-64 is a non-political and non-profitable organization.
  • BDJF-64 represent thousands of journalists across all media.
  • BDJF-64 is an organization that works for you and with you to create and maintain an exciting and dynamic media profession in Bangladesh.
  • BDJF-64 is a fastest growing network in the journalism industry.

Purpose and Function:

  • Protect and promote the constitutional rights to information, freedom of expression and media.
  • Maintain and promote a high standard of ethics  behavior in the practice journalism.
  • Foster a growing number of professionally trained journalist in the country.
  • Protect journalists from hazards such treats, harassment, litigation, etc from interest groups.
  • Journalist who are seriously injured or permanently disabled or killed in the line of duty through compensatory grants.
  • Promote interaction and exchange of ideas for the professional development of its members.
  • Explore funding sources to collaborate in professional education program for journalists.
  • Stimulate and sustain professional debate on crucial issues through seminars, workshops and discussion fore.

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